Apply For

  1. Board or Commission

    Fill out online application to be considered by the Board of Supervisors for an appointment to a board, commission, or committee.

  2. Building Permit

    Apply for a Hardin County Application for Building Permit online.

  3. County Job

    Check out any currently open county positions.

  4. Driver's License

    The Treasurer's Office is responsible for issuing driver's licenses to Iowa residents. This also includes motorcycle licenses, Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) and driver permits for Iowa residents 14 years of age and up.

  5. Dust Control Permit

    Hardin County allows the application of dust control in front of rural residences during the summer months.

  6. Fireworks Permit

    A Fireworks Permit is required for any event involving fireworks in areas outside the corporate limits in Hardin County.

  7. General Assistance

    General Assistance is emergency assistance for low-income and indigent residents of Hardin County who have exhausted all other funding sources.

  8. Homestead Tax Credit

    Eligible homeowners may apply for this property tax credit.

  9. Marriage License

    Gather more information on the process of applying for a Marriage License in Hardin County.

  10. Mental Health Services

    Central Iowa Community Services works to develop a system of care approach that is welcoming and individual-oriented.

  11. Military Exemption

    This property tax credit is for eligible military veterans. The amount of the exemption varies.

  12. One Stop Permit

    Information and form for a Single Trip Permit in Hardin County

  13. Passport

    Find out everything you'll need to know about applying for a United States Passport through the Auditor's Office in Hardin County.

  14. Septic Permit

    Contact the Environmental Health Department for permitting and inspection of wastewater treatment systems (septic systems).

  15. Veterans Assistance

    The Hardin County Veterans Relief Program provides assistance to resident veterans with emergency basic needs.