1. 911 Rural Address

    Request a new rural address through the Hardin County IT Department. Property owners must have an approved Driveway Permit before an address will be assigned.

  2. Absentee Ballot

    Request an absentee ballot from the Auditor's Office.

  3. Birth Certificate

    Information about requesting a birth certificate and application form.

  4. Death Certificate

    Information about requesting a death certificate and application form.

  5. Drainage Repair

    Requests for repairs, complaints, problems or questions should be directed to the Drainage Clerk in the Auditor’s Office.

  6. Driver's Test

    Gather more information on the drive skill tests offered by Hardin County Driver’s License Office on Thursdays.

  7. Geocaching Permit

    Hardin County Conservation Board (HCCB) encourages geocachers and others to enjoy our parks to their fullest extent. Your cache is welcome on Hardin County Conservation property, pursuant to the terms of the permit.

  8. Non-Criminal Fingerprinting

    The Hardin County Sheriff's offers non-criminal fingerprinting services.

  9. Notifications

    Use our Notify Me system to receive emails about changes to our website.

  10. Nuisance Animal Removal

    Information about assistance with removal of a nuisance wild animal from your property.

  11. Use of Courthouse Grounds

    Organizations interested in using the grounds surrounding the County Courthouse must fill out an application and receive approval from the Board of Supervisors.

  12. Sheriff's Report

    The Records Division within the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office processes all requests for copies of reports.

  13. Township Clerk Payment

    Fill out the form for Township Clerk payments.

  14. Township Trustee Payments

    Fill out the form for Township Trustee payments.

  15. Veterans Services Programs

    The Hardin County Veterans Service Program provides assistance to all veterans, and their dependents, in applying for federal benefits, and other related matters, concerning the federal government.

  16. Water Testing

    Hardin County can test your private well water for Coliform Bacteria, E. Coli Bacteria, nitrates, and sulfates. Arsenic testing is also available free of charge, upon request.