Civil Fees

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office is mandated by the Code of Iowa to charge fees for service of civil documents. Total Sheriff Fees for service will be billed after the service has been accomplished.

Return of Service

Pursuant to the Iowa Court Rules (Rules of Civil Procedure), after serving a document with a court case number, the Return of Service will be electronically filed with the appropriate Clerk of Court unless requested differently.

If the case has not been entered into the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), the Return of Service will be sent to the person or firm who requested the service after payment has been received by the Hardin County Sheriff's Office.

Service of Civil Documents Fees

Document Served
Applicable Fees
Original Notice
$15 for original person, plus mileage*
$10 for each additional person in the same household
Court Orders and Injunctions $15 plus mileage*
$20 plus mileage*
$0.50 per page
Garnishment, Levy, Notice to Garnish and Interrogatories
Sex Offender Registration
Gun Permit (New)
Gun Permit (Renewal)
Copy of Driving Record (Must have driver's license) $12
Copy of Reports $5 for up to 20 pages
$0.25 per page on reports over 20 pages
*Mileage $0.54 per mile (Authorized by the Internal Revenue Service)