Permits & Applications

Application & Permit Submission

All applications and permits can be faxed to the Engineer's Office at 641-858-3182 or emailed to Angela Silvey. They may also be mailed to:
Hardin County Engineer's Office
708 16th Street
Eldora, IA 50627

Questions & Concerns

Please contact the Engineer's Office at 641-858-5058 with any questions or concerns about permits and applications.
  1. Driveway Permit

    Access useful information about filing applications for and receiving permits for creating or altering driveways.

  2. Manure Pumping Under Roads Permit

    Persons wanting to cross county roads with hoses or pipeline for the purpose of applying liquid manure from livestock facilities must submit a permit application.

  3. One Stop Permit

    Access important information about obtaining a One Stop Permit for transporting loads down any Hardin County Road.

  4. Dust Control Permit

    A dust control permit is required before dust control material can be applied.

  5. Work in the Right-of-Way Permit

    Persons needing to perform work in a road ditch or other designated county right-of-way area must submit a Work in the Right of Way Permit to the Hardin County Engineer’s Office.

  6. Utility Permit

    A Utility Permit is necessary for telecommunications, electric, gas, water, and sewer utilities.