Preventing Noxious Weeds

Why Should We Worry about Noxious Weeds?

Should we worry whether the plants growing around us are native to our area or not? Isn't it all just "nature?" Before you dismiss this issue as unimportant, consider the following:
  • Noxious and invasive weeds in agricultural and natural areas cost our country $13 Billion dollars per year
  • Noxious and invasive weeds are the second most important reason for the loss of biological diversity, after habitat destruction
  • The Bureau of Land Management, our nation's largest public landowner, estimates that 2,300 acres per day of its land are being lost to noxious and invasive plants. Nearly 4,000 acres per day are estimated to be lost to weeds nationwide.
If you find yourself alarmed by these facts, you are not alone. Local and state agencies, groups, and individuals have been quietly pouring money and resources for years into our local roadsides, parks, natural areas, and agricultural areas to combat this pressing problem. This website is dedicated to raising public awareness of this issue. The battle against noxious and invasive weeds cannot be won without public awareness and support. As a homeowner, landowner, or land manager, your actions have a direct effect on this problem, because many weeds escape from yards and gardens.

This website has, in addition, been prepared to help you understand the problems of noxious and invasive weeds, identify them around your home and community, and take direct action to save our natural and agricultural resources from this threat.

What Can Citizens do to Help?

Weed List

See the Hardin County Noxious Weed List for more information.

Additional Resources

Here are some groups and agencies that can provide further information or assistance on noxious weeds: